Michelle and Joseph

how we met

We met through mutual friends! We both work in Cleveland- I’m a nurse and Joe is a fireman, so I think we were bound to meet eventually. There was no heroic story involved though, we first met on a Friday at Nano Brew on West 25th and from there the rest was history.

how they asked

The proposal surprised me BIG time.It was the middle of August, hotter than he** outside. I went for a jog around 9am. Came back home all sweaty. Joe asks me to look in his work bag and throw the laundry in. My initial reply was something like “do your own laundry, I need to shower”. He persisted, telling me to just get the laundry. I’m like fine, I go in the bag and a ring box is sitting on top. I’m like “WHAT?! Put this somewhere! Why is this here?!” So then he got down on a knee and said a lot of very sweet things and asked me. I was bawling even though I’d assumed I wouldn’t.I always told Joe I wanted to be alone when he proposed, and he definitely surprised me. He also asked my parents beforehand and they hid that secret real well. Oh and the kicker was the ring wouldn’t fit on my finger for hours because they were so swollen from running in the heat. I was freaking out! Hahaha

Special Thanks

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