Michelle and Joseph

How We Met

Joe and I had been dating for three years or so. Our first date was down at the beach, a block away from my old apartment. We had wine and snacks and just got to know eachother better. We moved about a mile away but would go to that block often to celebrate together.

How They Asked

Joe suggested that we head back there for a long-overdue date night and to celebrate me just finishing the school year (I am a kindergarten teacher). We packed a picnic, complete with a basket he bought me weeks ago for this particular date night, wine and we’d happen to have extra champagne in the house so we put that in too.

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We hopped on our bikes and rode the few blocks to our special block. I suggested we lock up our bikes at the end of the boardwalk to make it easier. We then walked over to our beach, go over a sand dune. When we got to the bottom he asked me to pick a spot. I looked around and noticed seashells and roses on the side I had chosen. Thinking it had to be for someone else I stopped in front of the setup, turned to tell Joe we had to move only to find him down on one knee. I was in shock!

As I got a closer look at the beautiful setup, he had written on the shells “will you marry me?” And roses, which is our flower and candles from my favorite local maker. My sister Ashley had been hiding out taking photos of the entire moment. It was so perfect. The sun was setting, it was in my hometown and later in the night as we drank champagne it started to thunder and lightning over the ocean. It was amazing. We decided to head out before the rain but ended up getting caught in it on our ride home. We were too happy to care and danced in the rain.

Special Thanks

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