Michelle and Jona

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How We Met

We met through his friend’s wife who I worked with, but he’s from Australia and was living there at the time. We got to know each other over the phone basically and then he came out to my home in California to meet me. I picked him up from the airport and he said hello and kissed me immediately. We pretty much knew we were destined to be together from the start.

how they asked

Jona had surprised me with a trip that he had been secretly planning for about 8 months. I knew that something was coming up around Christmas time but I wasn’t sure exactly what. I didn’t know what to pack until about two days before we left. I was told that I would be in weather ranging from 16 degrees to 50 degrees. That was quite a big range so I wasn’t sure where we were going, other than it would be cold. We flew into the NYC and I was so excited because I had been wanting go back for years. He told me that we would have time in NYC all weekend then on Tuesday we would be busy. He prematurely spilled his second surprise Tuesday morning. We had been shopping and had too many things to take with us so we decided to mail a few things home. While he gathered his things he casually asked me if he should bring a certain shirt to Iceland with us. My mouth dropped and I danced in excitement as Jona said, “I’ve been holding that in for SO long!!”. We had both wanted to see the northern lights and neither of us had been to Iceland so we were really excited to see it together. Of course I was thinking, “Wow another surprise!” and I was thinking he was going to propose on this secret trip but by the time we got to Iceland, I started having doubts because Iceland was such a surprise, I didn’t think there were any more coming after that.

At 7:30am on Thursday morning, I go to get into the car and see someone in the driver’s seat… Jonas friend Frederick who is a cinematographer. Jona told me that Frederick was in Iceland filming a music video and it worked out for him to come on the drive to an ice cave with us that day. Four hours later we got to the ice cave destination. We ventured in and explored a bit. Jona had me come stand next to him so Frederick could get some shots of us together with his video camera that we could later turn into still photographs. I stood there then noticed he started going down on one knee and then he began to propose! I don’t think I even waited a second after he asked before I said “yes”. It was such a beautiful setting. The cave was a magnificent blue color. The air bubbles trapped in the ice was said to be last inhaled by Vikings so that’s pretty cool! On the car ride back to the city, Jona divulged all of the details that when into the big surprise trip and proposal. I learned that Frederick wasn’t in Iceland filming a music video and he was there to video our proposal and adventure. Iceland is magical and I cannot wait to go back! It definitely holds a special place in our hearts!

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