Michelle and Johann


A week before our life changing day, Hann sent me a screen shot message of his dad mentioning about a family lunch at Ruyi & Lyn since a pastor was in town.

I jokingly replied “Ruyi & Lyn?! Are you going to propose to me there”  because he has been going there quite often in recent months. And the place has a perfect setting with huge LED screen. But everything still seemed nothing out of the ordinary because 1) the lunch was planned for a guest 2) Hann’s parents will be going off to Japan at night so instead of having our usual Sunday family dinner, we will do lunch 3) he has been planting the idea that the proposal is gonna take place in December and in church! 

On that fateful Sunday (29th Nov), we attended church as usual and went to lunch after. We even made a detour back to his place because he claimed that he had a tummy upset and Hann has been the type that hate using public toilets. Little did I know that was actually to buy time hahaha!

We arrived at the restaurant. And halfway through appetizers, Hann snuck away. Moments later, the screen came on and the rest is history…. (Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1wJ9SFwhMk)

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, and I am so incredibly blessed to be marrying such a thoughtful and loving man.

The amount of time he put into this proposal is still so unbelievable to me and I still cannot figure out how he got everyone involved without spoiling the surprise!

The second surprise came when Hann told me that he had booked us a trip to Japan later that night with his parents and some of his family members!

Anyway, to all our families and friends that helped make this a success and took your time to be there/take part in the video, we love you all so much and we are so very grateful! The rush of love plus the support from all of you has been overwhelming.

Love you so much ex boyfriend hehe and yay, now let the wedding planning begins!



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