Michelle and Joe

Image 1 of Michelle and Joe

Joe and I met when I started my first day at H.E.B., a grocery store chain in Texas about 6 years ago. I remember going up to these two managers that looked exactly alike and letting them know I was new and had no idea what to do. One of the managers was Joe, the other wasn’t his twin just someone who looked identical to him. Funny thing is Joe is actually a twin! Once I could tell the two managers apart I started to notice how cute he was. Both of us were in long-term serious relationships at the time, but couldn’t help noticing how well we got along. We developed a nice work friendship (with a little bit of innocent flirting!) and usually sought each other out on breaks to talk about our lives, relationship problems, and joke around. Problems in our other relationships eventually led to break-ups and soon we were both single and helping each other through broken hearts. We both knew we liked each other, but I wasn’t ready to jump into a relationship after all I had gone through in my last one and Joe understood that and was just there for me as a friend. Best friend, really. Eventually we made plans outside of work to go watch a movie and…I stood him up because I realized I still wasn’t ready to date. I left for Chicago with a cousin of mine a few days after that feeling horrible, but Joe being so understanding forgave me and we tried again and made plans to go get dinner and see a movie. After that first date our relationship went at warped speed. On our second date Joe decided to skip a Christmas work party and come meet my parents and go out to dinner. At dinner Joe got a call about a temp position he applied for in San Antonio, Texas and he got it! Not even a week in and we were faced with the decision on whether or not to keep this fresh new relationship going. The end of our second date really helped us realize that this was something special. A little distance wouldn’t be that bad. We were a little bit in over our heads about the distance because it did cause problems and it did challenge and test our relationship, but we got through it. A year of long distance and I decided to move to San Antonio with him after he was offered a permanent position. After a year of long distance, and a year of living together and a lot of memories made, adventures had, we are embarking on the biggest adventure in life. Marriage.