Michelle and Jesse

How We Met

The first time he saw me I was doing a brokers open at a French countryside inspired home in Brentwood, he approached me to introduce himself and then he was gone.  New to town but working at the same office in Beverly Hills our paths crossed almost daily with nothing more than a casual hello or smile but one day, he tells me, after I left the office, he followed me out with the courageous ambition to actually ask me out.  Unfortunately, I left the office on an important call and he managed to shadow me all the way to the garage with no opportunity to ask.  I only learned this after he reached out on social media (how next gen!).

We managed to have coffee a few days later and had planned to go out that night. I had to cancel however only to find out he had planned an extraordinary picnic with only the best champagne.  Needless to say, his persistence paid off!

how they asked

The planning to the proposal started 6 months ago and managed to stay secret thru so much.  After months and months of searching for the perfect stone he purchased the radiant cut diamond and began the planning process.  We were engaged November 3 at Salon Proust, the tea room at the Ritz Paris.

My dream had always been to go to Paris and have dreamed of my engagement my entire life. Two weeks prior, at our 2-year anniversary, he gave me 2 tickets to Paris as our anniversary gift.  I was completely unaware of what was happening because we were set to arrive on my birthday, the ruse for the proposal.

With the help of our amazing friend at Cartier the Ritz had prepared a team to meet us at the gate as we arrived, shuttled us to the hotel and surprised me with a “2” and “9” balloon as well as a beautiful gold inspired suite (my favorite color) and some amazing champagne.  They also had offered me hair and makeup in CHANEL AU RITZ PARIS which he told me to take advantage of the next day as he had a day of activities planned.

At afternoon tea, he told me a story of his grandmother, who had recently passed, and how she always talked about having tea at the Ritz Paris with him.  By the time he was old enough to enjoy the idea and traveling to Paris with his grandmother she was too sick to go he told me.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture of the 2 of them, having tea at the Ritz Carlton on a cruise they took when he was 13. He went on to say his entire life his grandmother always asked if she was still “Number 1” and that he thinks she would really love me.  He stood up, removed the ring from his pocket, took a knee and asked if I would be his number 1.  It was only then I noticed he had reserved the entire room and had a photographer taking pictures the entire time.  We spent the afternoon traveling around Paris with our own personal photographer.

Special Thanks

Chris Perona
Ritz Paris