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My all time favorite holiday is Christmas. So on Christmas Day my fiancé and I usually visit my mom at home and open gifts. Well this year my mom said she’d like to do something different and have a photo shoot on the beach since we haven’t taken a family photo in years. I agreed because we were over due but not thrilled she chose the beach and it’s cold on my favorite holiday lol The day of my fiancé and I were a little frustrated trying to figure out our outfits and I was a little bothered he kept trying to dress me lol I didn’t think anything of it. I’m rushing him to get there because am my mom is very on time and wanted us there at 11. As we arrive there is a Christmas tree in the parking lot. We pull up next to some guy who’s oddly staring at us. My mom arrives at the same time and says “oh hey it’s our photographer!”. Again, no idea that him and my fiancé had met already and HE hired him, NOT my mom. So they acted like they had just met. We walk down to the beach and begin our family pictures. About 20 min into it my mom suggests Jeffrey and I take a picture alone.

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I felt it was cheesy but he had mentioned he wanted one too. I agreed and the photographer asked us to stand next to the Christmas he had bought. As my sister reaches to grab Jeffrey’s jacket so we can take the picture he grabs the ring and of course I didn’t notice because I was cold! Jeffrey asks to kiss him for the camera and I’m little shy because my mom is staring at us and at that moment he tells me he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. My heart begins to beat 100x faster and my stomach falls to the ground. He drops to his knee and begins to cry and so do I. Of course I want to marry this man after 7 years!!! We hug and kiss and he asks me to turn around and my best friends Dora and Carlos, my grandma and Aunt surprise me too! I had no idea they were even there. My most special people witnessed it all. All caught on camera and video :)

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William N.
 | Photographer
Sandra Fierro
 | Planning
Dora and Carlos
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