Michelle and Jay

How We Met

Jay and I met, as millennials do, on Bumble. We matched in December 2017 and were immediately drawn to one another. We met two (!) days later at a Mexican restaurant near the Santa Monica Pier. To our surprise as we walked in, we were offered tequila shots by the manager, we later discovered, and of course, obliged (he must have known how nervous we were!). We connected so incredibly well (thanks to Don Julio?) and spent the next 5 hours together, sharing much more about ourselves than we anticipated. It was impossible not to, as we were immediately drawn to each other in a way that neither of us had felt before. Michelle was instantly captured by Jay’s incredible wisdom, passion, never-ending curiosity, and deep faith. Jay was drawn to Michelle’s overflowing heart, contagious zest for life, and big beautiful eyes. After that night, we both knew there was something special between us. We became official three weeks later.

How They Asked

Since that first date, Jay (short for Jeremiah) and I have been inseparable. We have bonded over our mutual faith, scientific professions, our favorite music, dancing (although his left feet still persist), and have been welcomed into each other’s family with open arms. One of my favorite parts about our relationship is the way we find joy in the simple things. Whether it’s a long drive in his Corvette with the top down, a night in practicing our swing dancing skills, setting up a spontaneous picnic on the beach, or even a weekday run to the grocery store, we simply love doing life together.

So when Jay told me we were going to take a drive up the coast one Saturday and set up a picnic on the beach, I didn’t think anything of it. After being quarantined for two weeks, we wanted to get dressed up and make our own romantic date night in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We went driving with the top down along Pacific Coast Highway and after learning all the beaches were closed, we found a beautiful overlook in Malibu Canyon to set up camp. Oddly, not even 20 minutes after we got there, Jay urged me to pack up and drive to another overlook nearby. Apparently, there was an Eric Lloyd Wright house (Frank Lloyd Wright’s son) you could see from this other overlook. I also didn’t think anything of this, as Jay has always loved finding the Lloyd Wright family architecture (he geeks out over many things, and I love him for it). I was a little disappointed, as the view was great and I wanted to soak it in with our picnic.

Michelle and Jay's Engagement in Malibu, California

When we started driving towards the overlook, Jay began playing songs that were special to our relationship. He said he made a playlist, and this made me a little suspicious, but then Jay is always very romantic so I wasn’t too sure this was the night he would propose. After all, we were driving somewhere he wanted to go, not me. When we arrived, he led me down a little path, and to my surprise, I heard “Annie’s Song” by John Denver playing in the distance. This is when I knew it was happening; it’s one of our favorite songs, and captures so much of the emotion we feel for one another. I walked out to an amazing view, although all I remember is the white envelope and bouquet of red roses waiting for me. He coaxed me to go pick up the letter, as I was slowing down and in a little bit of shock.

The note read, “I have been wanting to ask you something for a while…” I turned around to find Jay down on one knee with the ring in his hand, and he simply asked: “Will you marry me?” The moment happened so quickly for me, and apparently for him too, because in true Jeremiah fashion, he waited for a second or two and then said, “…are you sure?” And I exclaimed “Of course!” once again.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Malibu, California

We shared the amazing and incredible moment together, with another special song playing. Then, the music suddenly stopped, and I saw his roommate sit up from the bushes where he had been taking pictures to say, “Sorry, my phone died!” I had no idea his roommates were there to capture the moment! We then spent the next half hour celebrating the engagement with them. It’s also worth noting that you couldn’t see the Lloyd Wright house from this overlook (but it was on the way, so I’ll give him that).

As we got back in the car, Jay told me that the night was not over yet. He had planned a dinner at my parents’ house with my twin sister to celebrate the engagement. When we reached the house, they had decorations set up and had Zoomed in all of our siblings and Jay’s parents. Even though the pandemic prevented us from all being together, it felt so special to have all of the important people in our lives, to hear our story together and celebrate over a video with us! I was especially grateful to my twin sister, who had planned everything and picked up a beautiful cake and decorations for the party! It was the perfect day, more than I could have ever imagined, and Jay and I can’t wait for our future together!