Michelle and Jason

How We Met

Jason and I met at a SeaHunter Raft up BBQ in October 2015.

—Little did I know, his brother is Steven – who has been a good friend of mine since we were 10 years old. He was even at my Bat Mitzvah (photo below) —

Where to Propose in Joe’s Stonecrab

Since that SeaHunter raft up BBQ, we spoke every single day for an entire year until he finally decided to officially call me his girlfriend. During that year, we learned a lot about each other, went through ups and downs together, and became best friends but we both always knew there was something more between us. Since he asked me to be his girlfriend it was like a weight lifted off our shoulders. We both were finally able to really express ourselves and the love we‘ve had for each other all along. (Photo below is one of our first photos together as a couple officially!)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Joe’s Stonecrab

How They Asked

So it all began with Jason asking me to help plan his birthday. We decided to reserve a table at American Social in Brickell and invite all of our local friends. Little did I know that I was planning my very own Surprise engagement party.

Before heading to American Social, Jason wanted to go to our “go-to” restaurant spot that we love going to (way more than we should) – Joe’s Stone Crab. He wanted to have a pre birthday dinner with one his best friends, Kevin Grodnick aka KG – that came into town for the holiday week. Well on our way to dinner Kevin texted us last minute “that he couldn’t make dinner and to just eat without him.” I then told Jason that we didn’t need to go to Joes anymore and that we should just get something easy and head to American Social but he insisted we still go.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Joe’s Stonecrab

Once we got to Joe’s, we sit down and the waiter took our order. As our appetizers came to the table, I grabbed my share of the food and Jason took it away from me as soon as it hit my plate. I looked at him like “what are you doing?!” And he goes “you don’t want that!” And as I went to grab my food back, another waiter came over with a big stone crab with a ring box light up inside! (Photo above) At first i didn’t see the box and was very confused because we didn’t order stone crabs and was about to send it back!…Until Jason pointed out the box! I still was very confused as to what was going on. It happened so fast. As Jason started to get down on one knee, I saw Steven around the corner with his camera on (side note: Steven told me he was going out of town and wouldn’t make Jason’s ‘birthday party’) so right away i realized what was going on and just started hysterically crying! (Photos below) it was surreal and the craziest, most emotional, yet best feeling in the entire world. I wish I could relive it again and again!

Michelle's Proposal in Joe’s Stonecrab

Michelle and Jason's Engagement in Joe’s Stonecrab

So after that amazing part of the evening, i literally had no appetite. I had make up all over my face. Thanks to Jasons sister, Hilary, took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up! After we got back from the bathroom all i wanted to do was take the food to go and go home to freshen up and head to Jason’s “birthday party”

As we get to American Social – Little did I know, i was walking into my own surprise engagement party! Jason flew in my best friends from NYC and my brother! Both of our entire families were there along with 100 of our closest friends – including KG who bailed on dinner lol. It was honestly the most perfect night and I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better!