Michelle and James

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How We Met

We met roughly 8 years ago at a clinic I worked for that he serviced IT for. Our relationship was strickly professional until I had been living in Texas for almost a year. We started communicating and I tried convincing him to visit us in Texas. For a year and half we made plans and life always got in the way. Well…finally in Janurary of 2021 he made the flight! Once he came to visit he didnt want to leave, and I didnt want him to eaither! Its been laughter, fun and excitment for all 4 of us since that day. This is our first date!

How They Asked

It was day 3 in Black Mountain North Carolina and we had plans to go to Chimney Rock for hiking with the kids and the dogs. After climbing the rock for a while we had to decide to go up to the top of the water fall or down to the bottom where all the beautiful action is…so of course we went down. As we made our way down James taught Annabelle how to use his camera so she could capture THE MOMENT. He did not tell her what he had planned next. As we made it to the water fall we all enjoyed the scenery and posed for pictures. As he pulled the ring out he anticipated Annabelle to be ready to snap the shots. Well, she was so emotional once she saw what was going on that she got NO pictures of the actual moment. Once I said YES and all the excitement was over we had to reenact the moment so she could get it on film. It is a day that will never be forgotten.

I hate how I look in this photo but that was the moment he pulled out the ring and Annabelle didn’t even notice it on the camera until a minute or so later.

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Special Thanks

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