Michelle and Jack

How We Met

It was Summer 2011 when we first started chatting on Facebook. One day he asked me to change my profile picture into one that he loved the most! and I said yes! From then, he started to be interested in me. The craziest part is that we lived in the same small town but we first met on Facebook! After couple of days he sent me a song to listen to it”Just the way you are” for Bruno Mars.I started to like him more and more. My parents at first refused me talking to him 6 years ago when I was only 13 years old. It was difficult for us to see each other

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since my parents at first didn’t like the idea of us being together. We continued the relationship. I remember, every night during the winter and under the thunderstorm back in Lebanon, he used to go to my backyard and throw a rose with a small letter and his perfume on it to remind me of how much he loves me and miss me. After a while we started to hang out in public with our friends. One of my best moments with him at first was when he used to hold my hand and kiss me looking in my eyes. His name is Jack and since my young age, I always dreamt of marrying a boy named Jack since it was my favorite boy name. I am really grateful that after 6 years he proposed to me and asked me to marry him. We REALLY fought hard for our love. I love him and he loves me so much!

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This summer on June 25, 2017 Jack invited me to dinner. He told me to dress up nicely and we’re going to have a seafood date! We went to the restaurant it was on the beach around 6 pm. We were eating the shrimps, salmon and calamari when he started telling me how much he loves me and what are our plans for the future. He told me to look over the sunset! When the parade and all our friends came and he proposed to me. He talked to an event planner. It was one of my best moments ever! We started dancing and singing! Everyone was happy for us!

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