Michelle and Hollas' Proposal and Wedding All in One


How We Met:  Hollas and I talked a few times on an Internet dating site several years ago but time, circumstances and other things, kept us from actually meeting in person. When we finally both available and met for dinner, the dinner and conversation never stopped!

how they asked: Hollas had been working a job on Coronado Island for several months.  I went down to spend a long, relaxing weekend with him and he let me know that we would be joining some friends on Friday night at the Hotel Del Coronado for dinner.  He picked out my dress, paid for me to have a manicure and pedicure that morning, go for a massage and encouraged me to spend the remainder of the afternoon relaxing at the pool, all while he was at work that day.

When he arrived back at the hotel, we got dressed and met up with his best friend and his wife who had joined us at the hotel the night before (supposedly to attend a college football game that weekend).  He rented a driver who dropped us off at the beach near the Hotel Del, rather than the hotel.  Always up for something spontaneous, I was excited to take a stroll on the beautiful boardwalk before dinner.  At the suggestion of Brad (Hollas’s best friend), we took off our shoes and jumped into the sand to “take pictures” near the water.  We were enjoying the amazing scenery and each other’s company when Hollas reached down for something on the sand.  He shows me a small bottle he found.  I’m ecstatic because I’m an adventurer and romantic at heart….”Hurry, open it!  Maybe there’s a message in it!” I say to him.  As he’s fumbling with the bottle, I notice the group of friends wandering down the beach towards us.  I leave poor Hollas to open the bottle on his own.

I give all our friends big hugs and ask how they found us down there?  I recall them all having somewhat strange looks on their faces.  So, I say my hellos and run back to Hollas who has now pulled out a piece of paper which he holds up towards me.  “Will you marry me?” it says.


Immediately, I am so let down and confused because all I can think is how the heck did we end up with this message?  How the heck did someone screw up their proposal so bad?  Who was supposed to get this?  And then….I look at Hollas’s face and the whole world shrinks at that moment.  I finally realize what is happening.  That this message is for me.  I keep saying, “No…No…No” not because I don’t want to marry this amazing man but because I simply can’t believe what is happening.  That this fairy tale is mine!


He grabs my shoulders to calm me; tells me he took this job to plan my dream wedding; that he has been planning this moment for five months; that I’m the woman of his dreams and he wants to be with me until the end of time.

All of a sudden there is a photographer, someone hands me a bouquet and our friends are clapping and celebrating.

IMG_8042 IMG_8049

We’re taking pictures, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around all that is happening and then someone says, “We need to get going, the sun will be setting soon” and then someone says, “We need to start the ceremony”.  Hollas takes my hand and and starts pulling me up the beach.  I’m confused again, things begin to swirl around me and I ask him what they mean, what ceremony?  His face, so serious again….he tells me we are getting married right now, right there, today, on this beach.  He explains that is why Brad and Kathy are there, Brad is an ordained minister; he will be marrying us.

Needless to say….I was blown away; not once, but twice!  He planned every detail from the time the sun set to my favorite flowers and the incredibly heartfelt touch of asking my brother and step father for my hand and even more amazing, including a picture of my beautiful momma, who had passed just two years before in the ceremony.

Moms Blessing

This amazing moment was followed up with a casual and small reception on the deck of the gorgeous Hotel Del Coronado, overlooking the sunset and beach.  There is not a day that passes that I don’t wake up feeling like the luckiest woman alive and thrilled to be Mrs. Hollas Hough!