Michelle and Greg

how they asked:I ran the Nike Half Marathon the year before and had made it a goal to finish my first full marathon. I had been training so hard over the summer to complete my first full marathon, I did not know that my boyfriend of 10 years was out picking out the perfect ring. He normally waits for me at mile 11 but he was nowhere to be found! Our friends were there, but he said he was not far down the road. I ran slowly, scanning the crowd for my boyfriend but didn’t see him anywhere.

A bit discouraged, I continued on. Unbeknownst to me, he was at our friend’s RV, changing into a tuxedo just like the SF firemen and getting ready to propose. I kept my family and boyfriend updated with every last mile I had left. Three miles to go…two miles to go…one mile to go. They texted me they would be to the left of the finish line and as I approached that final 0.2 miles, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes but not one family member or boyfriend to be seen.

I crossed the finish line at San Francisco’s Nike Women’s Marathon and immediately started crying because of how physically and mentally exhausting it was. But then I look up and see my boyfriend, friends, and family right in front of me. I was too busy and excitedly hugging everyone that I didn’t even realize he was in a tuxedo and everyone was on the Finisher’s red carpet.

Someone grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me to him. It was all a blur, but he got down and one knee and immediately cried even harder.

Image 1 of Michelle and Greg

I don’t even know what he said or if I even said yes. I just hugged him for the longest time. I waited over 10 years and ran a full marathon. You could definitely say he made me work for it lol. I knew we were going to get engaged but was utterly and completely surprised. He actually planned it in a couple of days and had Nike marathon officials help him with the proposal. I’ll take the ring over the Tiffany’s finisher necklace any day.