Michelle and Gabriel

Michelle and Gabriel's Engagement in Seville, Spain

How We Met

Gabe and I have known each other for what feels like forever. We went to middle school and high school together and were always the best of friends. It wasn’t until after college that we started dating. We hung out with the same group of friends and were always around each other, it felt like it was just meant to be!

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How They Asked

We both love to travel and have been all around the world together. So when Gabe suggested that we take a trip around Spain in November, I didn’t think anything of it. Little did I know he had been planning for months! One of our many stops in Spain was Seville. We arrived at night and instantly fell in love. There was a full moon that lit up the whole city with such a romantic feel.

Tuesday 11/12/19 we woke up early to a beautiful sunny and warm day! I was so excited since we had left the cold in NJ and our first stop in Barcelona was also chilly. Gabe told me he found a breakfast spot and made us 11:30 reservations. He was so calm and collected all morning I didn’t suspect a thing. On our walk to “breakfast”, we passed La Plaza de Espana. The walls of the plaza are covered in vibrant tiles and have a great big fountain in the middle. Gabe suggested we stopped real quick to take some pictures as it reminded us of one of his favorite tequila bottles -Clase Azul. I, of course, wanted to take 100 pictures but Gabe kept trying to get me over to one of the small bridges.

The bridge overlooked the square and he told me to look out and he would take a picture. As I turned back around he was down on one knee smiling up at me with the most beautiful ring. All I could think was OMG!!! I could not believe it! I said YES and immediately jumped to hug and kiss him before he could even get the ring on my finger! Not only did he plan the most amazing proposal, but he also hired a photographer to capture it all. We were all smiles and filled with love during the photo session. I don’t know how I got so lucky with such a loving, caring and amazing man.

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