Michelle and Erick

How We Met

Erick is my high school sweetheart! We’ve been dating for almost 9 years.

How They Asked

“Marriage” had definitely popped up here and there but there was never a definite time. Spring break 2020 came around, and so did COVID-19…we decided to leave the country for a beautiful getaway to Cancun, MX to escape the craze & lack of toilet paper back home haha!

Where to Propose in Cancun, MX

On March 16, 2020, after a day full of mojitos & fun in the sun he discretely mentions “your dad wants to go have dinner at a nice restaurant tonight.” I thought nothing of it because we usually take one night out of our week trip to have a fancy night out. So we dressed up and headed out. The “nice restaurant” was within our resort so we made our way there when I saw the proposal setup. I didn’t freak out at the moment and really just thought to myself “Aww, that’s a cute set up for whoever is doing that!” It was during that thought that Erick dropped down on one knee and stated: “This is for you….”

Michelle's Proposal in Cancun, MX