Michelle and Don

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How We Met

Don and I met in college, he was a business major and I was a history major. My roommate who was also my best friend was also a business major, but everyone was required to take a few history courses. On our first day of US History my roommate and I walk into class and we scan the classroom for a good seat, and as my eyes scanned to the left, Don immediately caught my attention so i convinced my roommate to sit in the seats behind him. My roommate and Don greet each other and I realized they already knew one another, so I instantly started playing 20 questions with her. I was a fairly outgoing person so I introduced myself and started talking to Don and from there we were friends and it appears I inched my way into his heart.

how they asked

October 8th, 2016, it also happened to be my birthday. Birthdays are always big for me and Don, so when he spent a few months ahead planning my “birthday” celebrations I didn’t question anything he did. For a couple of months, I received text messages from him saying that he was going to be back in town from work really late, and this wasn’t super out of the ordinary either so I went with it. The day before the proposal, he started the celebrations by delivering a beautiful bouquet of flowers to me at work in front of about 300 people, nearly made my coworker cry, granted she was pregnant and her hormones were raging, but still it was romantic as ever. Later that night I actually spent it all alone, fairly sad that Don wasn’t there to cheesily count down the seconds until midnight struck to wish me a happy birthday, and his reasoning was once again that he was “working really late”. Not knowing that I would soon experience the best day of my life thus far, I went to bed a little grumpy. Very mature I know LOL. But soon morning came, and Don was at my doorstep at 8 am sharp ready to begin our day. He had a list of things that I needed to pack and that was all I needed to know, the entire day was meant to be a surprise. He had an entire day planned for me, first stop was brunch at this adorable place in Pleasanton, CA, and here is where i was given my first birthday gift.

Tickets to see Young the Giant in Oakland! My favorite band, so of course I loved it. Then we headed to Muir Beach and Muir Woods, two locations I’ve been dying to visit. Then we headed to a spa in North San Francisco where he scheduled a full body massage for both of us and goodness gracious it was amazing. All we had left was dinner, or so i thought. Don drove along the SF coast, and I just poked my head out of the car window like a puppy memorized by the shore’s beauty. We parked, and he took my hand and suggested we go for a walk. I was in 4 inch heels, I thought to myself this guy was crazy LOL, but i just sucked it up and let him lead the way. The trail began in what looked like a forest, trees highers than the sky.

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I had looked down the entire time in an attempt to avoid an embarrassing face plant with all the gravel and uneven ground, i just felt Don eagerly leading me, and when I finally looked up the sky broke up and there was an endless horizon and we were on the edge of a cliff. I saw a bench and i thought, that’s such a perfect spot how can no one have occupied it yet? So i ran on over and sat down, and Don joined me. We are sat there watching these magnificent waves that came crashing into the rocks beneath us. The sight was unreal, how could it be so beautiful. And in that moment, I thanked God for bringing us to that moment and place, for sharing His beauty with us. I had two more gifts to open. It was a bigger one and smaller one. The bigger one was an old school Polaroid camera I had always wanted, and the smaller package had a bunch of Polaroid photos that Don had taken. Initially I was confused, but then Don explained to me that they were photos of all our special moments.

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The place where we first met, had our first kiss, where he told me he loved me, the table where we had our first date almost 4 years ago, and a few more places. By the end I could barely see through the unstoppable tears streaming down my face. So he asked me to stand up and walk to the edge, he said he wanted a picture of me. He took the photo with the Polaroid then he says to me “I have shown you all our special places, but i need one last photo of another place, the place we get engaged”. And there, the love of my life gets on one knee and asks me to spend and love the rest of our lives together.

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Turns out that all the times he was “working late” he was scouting locations all over the coast to find the perfect spot, and meeting with our photographer to plan out the perfect time of the day.

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I shared with Don once before a while back that I had always dreamed of getting engaged at the “end of the earth”, and as we went it for our first hug as an engaged couple, he tells me that the spot was appropriately called “Land’s End”, which made me cry some more, lots of crying, but all happy tears. And the bench I ran to that was so perfectly placed and magically unoccupied was made by Don, he carved our name and the date into one of the legs and handed it off to our photographers beforehand so they could set it in place for us before our arrival. So many details that brought us to that moment, Don wanted to make sure that day was unforgettable and I’m so lucky to be next to him for the rest of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Annie & David
 | Husband and Wife photographers, they were the absolute sweetest and sneakiest. Don met with the two of them previously to discuss the perfect location and time of the day, and Don also made the bench I sat on and handed it off to them so they could put it in place before our arrival. Will treasure the images they took for a lifetime.