Michelle and Dmetri

D and I 2

How We Met

Dmetri and I were both attending the University of Nevada, Reno when we ran into each other at a local college bar. We were each enjoying a night out with friends, neither expecting to meet our next boyfriend/girlfriend and no idea that we would eventually be planning a wedding. It was a new year and I was in the mindset of being single and enjoying life when I noticed a cute new guy walk into the bar. I frequented this bar pretty often and recognized most faces, but he was new. I was instantly attracted to him and curious about who he was and where he came from.

D and I

With a little (okay, maybe a lot) of liquid courage I eventually grabbed his arm to come dance with me. We instantly connected, danced all night long and exchanged numbers at the end of the night. From there on the texting began and more friendly hang-outs took place until he asked me on our first “official” date. Now almost five years later we are planning the best date of our lives, our wedding date!

how they asked

After spending a week with my parents and younger sister, their visit was sadly coming to an end. My boyfriend, Dmetri, and I moved across the country to Michigan a year ago for him to attend law school and this was the first time my family was able to make it out for a visit. After a week filled with lots of laughs and adventures, we packed up their things, got in the car and drove to the airport. At passenger drop-off we hugged, kissed and said our goodbyes, or so I thought.

That morning Dmetri asked if I would like to go out to a nice dinner with him after dropping my family off at the airport. He had been away all summer working at a law firm in Dallas, while I stayed at home in Michigan. He said he wanted to treat me to something nice since this was our first date night after a long summer apart.

After I dropped my family off, I hurried back home to get ready for our dinner date. We had reservations at a nice restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor, but he told me I should dress casual so we could go for a walk through the arboretum afterward and catch the sunset. We had just discovered the arboretum a few months prior and it quickly became one of our favorite places. There are beautiful trails that run alongside the river through massive green trees. The sounds of birds chirping, while squirrels, chipmunks and other critters run through the leaves makes you feel far away from the crazy busy stresses of everyday life. It’s truly magical.

We had a reservation for dinner at 6:15 p.m. at Logan, and I was ready ahead of schedule, for a change. We arrived downtown about 10 minutes prior to our reservation, and Dmetri was stalling. I instantly began over-analyzing the situation trying to think of why he didn’t want to go into the restaurant yet. Once it hit 6:15 on the dot, we walked in and I quickly scanned the room looking for a sign, but I saw nothing out of the ordinary. The hostess sat us at a table by the window where there was a bottle of champagne waiting. Now it made sense why he was stalling, he wanted to make sure our table was set up. The sommelier poured us a drink and congratulated us. At the time, I didn’t think much of his congratulations. We made a toast and praised ourselves for successfully handling a long-distance relationship throughout the summer. The night continued with great conversation and some unique dishes. We finished with perfect timing to catch the sunset.

As we were driving to the arboretum coincidentally all of our favorite songs were playing. Little did I know, this was a playlist he had planned ahead of time. We arrived and began walking down the trail as Dmetri started talking about our relationship. My mind instantly started racing, is he going to propose? Or am I just being hopeful? I hear words coming out of his mouth, but not sure if I’m answering, it’s almost like an out-of-body experience. I see a photographer in front of us; he’s facing us, but not looking at us. It’s a beautiful day out; he’s probably just shooting the sunset and scenery. Dmetri walks us to a bench overlooking the river. I feel him shaking and instantly know this is it; this is the moment! He gets down on one knee, reveals the ring, and asks me to marry him.


I’m frozen, with the biggest, cheesiest smile on my face. I completely black out at this point, but finally get the word “yes” out of my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed as tight as I could. I have never felt so much joy in one single moment in my life.

proposal 2

I then realize that the photographer isn’t random; he was also planned. We take some photos down by the river and the photographer asks if I have any specific poses in mind. I can’t think of any! My Pinterest is filled with moments like this, how can I not think of a single thing! We pose, kiss, and try to keep our calm but we’re both smiling from ear-to-ear and can barely focus. Dmetri then tells me he has another surprise and we have to leave.

We drive back into downtown Ann Arbor and walk into a restaurant that we’ve had drinks at before. He leads me to the stairs to go down to the basement bar where I’m surprised by his family and our friends. Trying to contain my excitement, I make my rounds and say my hellos, thanking everyone for being a part of this memory. After only a few minutes I turn around to see my parents and both my sisters walking down the stairs. At this moment I can no longer contain my emotions and the ugly crying begins. Turns out they weren’t leaving after all and were instead picking up my older sister who had just flown into town for the surprise.

proposal 3

Everyone was in on the plan, one that he has been arranging for the past six months. I’v never felt so much love. We were surrounded by so many people genuinely happy to see us happy. I gladly showed off my beautiful ring, drank and talked the night away with family and friends that I love so dearly. He had truly thought of everything to make this day one I’ll always cherish. Saturday, August 6th will forever be the day he made all of my dreams come to life.

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