Michelle and Dillon

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How We Met

We met at our favorite ice cream place in his hometown. I had a long day at work and was supposed to meet friends there but they changed the plans on me so I picked up another friend and we went anyway. Him and his buddies were about to leave as we walked up to the stand. We looked right at each other and smiled; I later found out he made them stay because of me. Luckily for us, my best friend works there, so he gave her his number so she could give it to me.

how they asked

He knew I loved the beach and that I really wanted to go. So, even though he hates everything about it and we lived 5 hours from the nearest beach, he finally gave in and let me plan a 4 day trip, for just the two of us. The day before we were supposed to go home, he took me for a walk on the beach and we came to a spot with a big heart and the words “Marry Me?” written in the sand. Everyone on the beach clapped and of course I said yes. Little did I know that he had planned for my two best friends to be hiding on the beach to take pictures of the moment and they, along with my parents and sister, surprised me that night at dinner.

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