Michelle and Diego

How We Met: Diego and I first met in high school through friends. At the time we both never would have pictured we would be where we are this day. From becoming friends to starting hangout more and more to then becoming best friends. We would always have little lunch dates and walks on the beach. Everything just seemed perfect. We both knew we liked each other and couldn’t stay away from each other. At one point we stopped talking for a little bit of time but what’s meant to be will be. We fell in love. A love that is hard to find.

how they asked: Family is a huge part for us and we both get along with each other’s family. This big day came just a week before our anniversary. We had dinner plans with our friends which we were meeting up with. We left the house heading to the restaurant which was by the beach.

Once we parked her friend said they were running late (which was planned) so he decided to take me on a walk right on the beach to kill time. As soon as we walked up the beach there was a letter in a bottle and a sign that said you are my happily ever after.

Image 1 of Michelle and Diego

Right there my heart stopped. He made me open it and read it. Then next thing you know the man of my dreams was down on his knee asking for me to marry him. I couldn’t stop my tears. This was the happiest day of my life. I said yes!

Image 2 of Michelle and Diego



Image 3 of Michelle and Diego