Michelle and David

How We Met

We met online! The moment I saw David I thought he was drop dead sexy. I clicked on his profile and as I read on I knew he was someone I needed to talk to. I had a feeling about him that I had never had before. A certain “knowing” he was the one. The last two sentences on his profile said “silent, non-pretentious alpha male. Not looking for hook ups.” A rather strong statement that said so little yet so much . I wrote him and crossed my fingers that I’d hear back. We exchanged messages for several weeks before setting a date. We decided to meet at Ocean Beach Dog Beach at 8:30 am one Saturday morning.

I arrived early and waited for David to arrive. Around 8:40 I saw his old school yellow CJ5 Jeep drive up with his dog in the back. He rolled out of his buggy messy hair and all. I had gotten up around 530 in the morning to prepare for the date, he clearly woke up not much more than five minutes prior to meeting me. We ended up walking around dog beach for three hours just talking and laughing while his dog had a play day like never before. As we left, we gave each other that awkward side hug and went our separate ways.

how they asked

After a relatively rough week for Michelle, David “Bucky”, a Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician (navy bomb squad), decided to have Michelle experience her first tandem free fall from 13,000 feet and to ask her a very important question. David called the drop zone, along with two of Michelle’s good friends and her parents to say it was a go. Soon the couple found themselves sitting next to each other on the jump plane as they enjoyed the scenic views of Mexico and Southern California.

Image 1 of Michelle and David

Once the plane reached 10,000 feet, all chaos broke loose as the large roll-up door opened up the side of the small aircraft. The temperature dropped, the wind whirled through the plane, people shuffled around, and before Michelle could gather her thoughts, David looked at her, blew her a kiss, and fell backwards out of the plane into blue skies.

Image 2 of Michelle and David

Image 3 of Michelle and David

Image 4 of Michelle and David

Then it was Michelle’s turn. She found herself letting go of her fear of flying and heights as she experienced the exhilarating feeling of free fall then hanging underneath a gliding canopy 10,000 feet above the earth. After several minutes of flying around, her tandem master brought their parachute in for a final approach onto the drop zone. At this point Michelle saw something that seems a little suspicious. As the distance between Michelle and the ground closed in, she was able to make out a sign on the ground held by people she did not recognize just yet.

Image 5 of Michelle and David

As her tandem master flew her over the heads of those people and prepared for a safe and gentle landing, she saw what the sign said: “Will You Marry Me, Michelle?” After a smooth landing, Michelle was un-clipped from her harness and began making her way over to the sign as David approached her. He whispered words into her ear that only they needed to hear, and knelt down to his knee whilst presenting a beautiful ring to her and asking her to be his wife.

Image 6 of Michelle and David

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