Michelle and David

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How We Met

Growing up only a couple of towns away from one another, fate finally brought David and I together. We’ve crossed paths so many times in the weirdest ways; we both went to the same college during our undergrad, my brother worked in an office building where David worked security in his early twenties, David is in law enforcement (fitting right in with the rest of my family, knowing the same people), but MOST importantly, the two of us were members at the same gym. Why is that the most important, you ask? Well… one night, I noticed David from across the gym, lifting weights and looking extremely buff (which naturally, caught my eye).

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I was upstairs in the cardio area, staring at David’s muscles on muscles. Eventually, we made eye contact, smiled, and waved at each other. From that point on, we kept going to the gym at the same time, bumping into one another and making small talk. He walked me out to my car for a few nights, until building up the courage to ask for my number.

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That same night, we were awake texting until 3 AM on a weeknight, which was the norm for David’s schedule (he worked third shift), but not so ideal for my morning wakeup. The next day, I ran on pure adrenaline, remembering every detail of our conversation and catching myself smiling at my desk. The rest was history. I finally found someone that saw life the way I did and wanted the same things. Everything really does happen for a reason, and people do enter each other’s lives for a purpose, even if it takes a few years to get it right.

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How They Asked

Fast forward to Christmas 2018, David had asked my dad for my hand in marriage over a couple of cigars. Then, he asked my mom. Both of my parents loved David like their own son, and with no hesitation, approved of his asking. It warmed my heart to know he was a true gentleman, having received permission before proposing. Six months later, on June 8, 2019, David had a surprise planned in New York City. Since we spoke about getting engaged quite often, David knew I had a few requests; #1 was to PLEASE schedule an engagement around a fresh manicure (I wasn’t kidding), and #2 was to make sure I was dressed decently for the occasion.

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I NEVER wanted to look back on our engagement photos with a chipped manicure ruining the beauty of my ring! David told me he couldn’t tell me where we were going, but to dress for a nice dinner because I was going to meet a lot of his “friends.” Little did I know, David’s “friends” consisted of a secret photographer, Mike, a horse and carriage with a horse named Tyson, and lastly, Tina, the violinist that was playing “A Thousand Years” upon our arrival to Bow Bridge in Central Park. David got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever by his side.

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It was a proposal fit for a princess, a true fairy tale. I couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful, SUPER sparkly addition to my finger. For the rest of the night, after a celebratory engagement dinner, David and I enjoyed gallivanting through the city, spreading the news to strangers that we had just gotten engaged. Everywhere we went that night, people stopped to compliment my ring, where I responded, “THANKS! I actually just got it earlier today!” Everyone got to share the excitement with us and I just loved saying that David was officially my fiancé!

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