Michelle and David

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Playa Balandra, La Paz, Mexico

How We Met

So it all started when it wasn’t starting… My car. My starter in my car had gone out and my car was lifeless in my work parking lot, stranding me for an hour until the next bus would come by and I could start my journey home. It was dark out already and winter was whipping through the area so I sought refuge in the only bar left open at the resort I was working at. The overly friendly bartender offered me a ride home. I did what any sane woman would do and took the offered ride and got into a car with a complete stranger; a very good looking stranger by the way.

In the 20 minutes it took to get home, we had already had some amazing conversation and some moments both of us still remember like it was yesterday. I didn’t ask for his number, as he worked next to my job and I… had a boyfriend at the time. A few weeks later, and single, I left my number on the bottom of my bar tab for him to find. I didn’t just want to leave my number so I said “If I had a good pick up line, I’d use it” because I couldn’t think of anything clever to write to grab his attention. I didn’t know at the time, but I really didn’t need to grab his attention. He now tells everyone that after he dropped me off the very first night, he knew that I was the type of girl he wanted to marry someday – he just didn’t know it would be me after all. The rest is history!

Michelle's Proposal in Playa Balandra, La Paz, Mexico

How They Asked

We had been together for 5 1/2 years at the time of our engagement and the majority of those years we had spent having some unconventional adventures. We ski, hike, mountain bike, travel often and anything else fun we can try at the moment… So it wasn’t a huge surprise to me when we were in La Paz, MX that David suggested that we climb this rocky desert bluff in the middle of a 100-degree day… We had flown into the Baja for our first time and had picked La Paz as our home for a week. We had no real set plans in place but we knew we wanted a beach day. There is a very famous beach in the area called Playa Balandra, so we asked around the locals to make sure that was the best spot to go. We were told it was the most popular/famous/busy, so we decided to add another beach to the itinerary for the day. We set out the next day for a local, secluded beach and when we got there we were the only ones! Crystal clear water, great snorkeling from shore and not a soul in sight. It was hard to imagine anything better but we knew we had to check Balandra off our to-do list.

We got to Balandra and it was really busy (and gorgeous!), it was getting later in the day so it was so hot. We waded in the water in the huge shallow bay until I decided I was very hungry and very much over beach time. Dave was acting strange, he was on a mission to get a panorama of the bay from up high. He kept pointing out these steep paths up these red desert hills asking if I would go up with him. I said no over and over, it sounded so ridiculous to do in the heat and I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t just chill and relax! Finally, we found a path that wasn’t so high or steep and I agreed to go up with him. The pano-pics were worth it and while I took pictures he waited behind me quietly with a ring. I felt like such a brat after I figured out what was happening! To up the ante, he had my mom waiting back at our hotel to surprise me when we finished our day.