Michelle and David

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How We Met

Her: In the summer of 2013, we separately ventured into the world of online dating. Both of us ended up using HowAboutWe.com, and we were fortunate enough to be on each other’s list of random Daily Dates. My date idea was: “How about we go break a law and dance at the Jefferson Memorial?” His date idea was: “How about we go on a brewery tour at Port City Brewing Company?” I thought his idea was fun, unique (this was before there was a craft brewery on every street-corner in America), and most importantly specific. We matched together, emailed a little bit, and agreed to meet at his proposed location.

Him: The date went quite well, to say the least. She ended up enjoying their Optimal Wit a LOT, so we ended our night over chili-cheese fries at one of my favorite dive restaurants, the Hard Times Cafe. This first date proved to be the blueprint for many of our subsequent adventures. In the four years since that day, we have gone on many more brewery tours and tastings around the U.S. and the world, traveled extensively, and grown together in many wonderful ways. I got lucky: she was a novice traveler, whereas I have been globe-trotting on the cheap since my teenage years, but I couldn’t have asked for a better travel companion.

how they asked

There are some important details we must share: he was raised in an interfaith household in Maryland, I was raised Roman Catholic in Virginia. David took us to the Washington National Cathedral for two reasons: it’s in the District, which is between our home states, and it’s a awe-inspiring nondenominational worship space. It had snowed on December 9, so the air was crisp and the grounds were covered in a beautiful layer of snow.

We walked around the grounds for a little while, and then he led me to the Bishop’s Garden. We went to the stone gazebo. Then, he took my hands and said, “Four years, four months, and four days ago, I asked you to be my girlfriend. Michelle Katherine Minnich,” and then he dropped to one knee,” will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea where (specifically) I wanted to propose. I knew it had to be at the Washington National Cathedral, but there are so many perfect spots on the grounds to ask such an intimate, momentous question. The Bishop’s Garden had several good options: secluded stone benches, carved archways, and the stone gazebo. I must confess that the snowy ground influenced my choice, as I didn’t really want my leg to be covered in cold mud for the rest of the day! I led Michelle into the gazebo, dithered a bit, and then finally mustered the nerve to ask her to be my wife. Even though I knew she would say yes, my heart beat faster in that moment right before I asked.

Through many happy tears, I of course answered, “Yes!” David got the ring out of his coat pocket and slid it on my finger and we embraced. Minutes later, the bells of the great cathedral began to chime.

After taking a stroll through the interior of the cathedral and perusing the wares at the Downtown Holiday Market, we enjoyed an early dinner at one of our favorite spots, The Partisan. They generously offered us glasses of a delicious sparkling wine to celebrate.

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We are both eternally blessed and grateful for all of our family and friends who love us and have supported us over the years. Here’s to many more happy memories and celebrations!

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