Michelle and David

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How We Met

David and I met when we were 6 years old. We were in the same first and second grade class together at P.S. 173 located in Washington Heights. Upon entering third grade, I didn’t see him again since he transferred out of the school. When I entered the 4th grade, my teacher told my mother about this middle school for academically talented and gifted students. My mother filled out an application and I began the fifth grade that following year at the Mott Hall School for Science, Technology and Mathematics. It was in Mott Hall that I saw David once again. He was in a different class that year but the next three years we were placed in the same class where we our friendship began.

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how they asked

On my 28th birthday in February of 2016, David took me to dinner at this really nice restaurant in downtown Manhattan. During dinner the waiter brought me a white box with a manila envelope that was stamped “TOP SECRET.” Inside the envelope there was a letter written to me describing how there was a mission that I needed to accomplish to save the world should I choose to accept. I was to solve a puzzle that was included in the box and each week thereafter I will be receiving clues that will need me to the next clue over the course of an unknown amount of time.

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Inside the box I found a random assortment of things that at first did not make any sense. There were 2 red markers, a GoPro camera, a puzzle board of boxed numbers, a staples gift card, a hammer, a recipe, one scrabble piece, a list of rules, and my first clue.

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There were 3 rules that I had to follow as I embarked on this mission: I had to carry the hammer at all times during the mission, I had to document each week with videos and pictures using the GoPro, and I had to match the number on the back of each tile I received with the corresponding number on the puzzle board. From then until the end of May, I received a clue each week that I had to figure out to then attain the next clue.

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The clues led me to places and things that were a part of our relationship such as the place where we had our first kiss, the elementary and junior high schools that we attended together, and the birth place of our daughter.Our first kiss took place in his best friend’s house while his best friend was sleeping.

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There were also instructions on things I had to do like sing to my favorite love song with water in my mouth or cook a surf and turf dinner for two.

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The journey culminated at Club Getaway, where we had our 8th grade prom. I found the last clue and in a glass box in the cabin was a book. This book had hand written chapters (written by the closest people in my life) from a book that David had written about us and had published. Embedded in the book was the ring and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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When I went back to our elementary school, there were no shrubs so he bought a canvas of shrubs and hit behind it with my next clue.

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That’s our daughter, Hailey helping me out with this mission.

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