Michelle and Dave

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How We Met

I never had luck meeting guys in bars or in school and knew if I was serious about finding someone, I needed to try online dating. After many unsuccessful first dates, I decided to give match.com a try. I messaged every good looking guy who’s profile I came across with a very generic “Hey, what’s up?” message. I then stumbled upon Dave’s profile and near his picture it read: “If this works out, we’ll have to make up an elaborate story of how we met.” I decided to message him and say, “So, what story are we going to make up?” Intrigued, Dave opened my message and we started exchanging emails, which eventually turned into texts. After a few days, we decided to finally meet. Dave suggested we go ice skating and I could not be more nervous and excited all at the same time. I remember sitting on the benches and waiting for his text saying he has arrived and just hoping he was a normal guy. We enjoyed a fun day of ice skating and lunch at a diner nearby, but I honestly didn’t really feel a spark. He, on the other hand, claims it was love at first sight. After our first date, he kept calling and texting me to simply ask how my day went or make sure I got to my car safely after class. A few weeks later, we met for our second date and shared our first kiss. I can truly say it was at that moment that I knew I had met the man of my dreams. Image 2 of Michelle and Dave

how they asked

After dating for 3 years, I began impatiently waiting for a proposal. I would occasionally ask when it would happen, but would always get a sarcastic reply. I would even joke to his mom how I’m ready to get married, but it seemed like nothing would help move the process along. I realized I had to be patient and just hope it would happen soon. That being said, anything romantic we would do, I would assume it was a proposal. From going apple picking to our vacation in Greece, I was convinced I would know when it’s going to happen and always made sure to have on the best outfit and have my nails painted. A week before I was going to Florida to visit my grandma, Dave and I were watching TV, where he suggested we go ice skating with his friends. I asked Dave if we can just go by ourselves since I wanted to spend some alone time with him before leaving on my trip. We woke up that Sunday morning and the day could not be more normal. I started to make us breakfast as Dave went to get some groceries from the supermarket. Completely losing track of time during breakfast, Dave said we had to leave in 10 minutes or we would miss public skating. I threw on an old pair of jeans and a sweater, figured I didn’t need makeup since it would be just us, and headed to the rink. While we skated, we held hands, talked about our first time ice skating together 3 years ago, and enjoyed listening to the music that was playing in the background. At about 1:45pm, Dave begins to pull me into the center of the rink and asks if I hear the song that was playing. It was Michelle by The Beatles and before I even had a chance to process the song or answer him, I see him slowly go down on one knee. From that point, the entire moment became a blur to me, but what I can remember is Dave asking me to marry him and putting the ring on my finger. Without hesitation, I said YES and gave him the biggest kiss.

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Everyone around us began clapping and the photographers Dave hired came out from hiding and the dream I have been having for so long had finally come true – I got engaged to my best friend and truly could not imagine a more perfect day. I was also later surprised with a party where both of our families got together to celebrate our love. While the day was special, what I am most excited for is getting to marry the love of my life.

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Special Thanks

Henry's Fine Jewelry
 | Where the ring is from!
RyElle Photography
 | Took our proposal pictures!