Michelle and Costa

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How We Met

Costa and I met when I was 16 years old and he was 17. For the first three years of high school, we had probably passed each other by many times in the hallways. Then, one night during the winter of my junior year, we met at a party when my best friend, Raquel, invited some neighborhood friends of hers from childhood – one of them being Costa. We hit it off that first night for sure but continued to pass each other by in the halls. If we happened to run into one another, we would have a quick wave, and it remained that way for a few months. In the spring, when Costa was searching for a senior prom date, Raquel suggested he ask me to be his date. I still remember calling my mom to tell her that a cute senior boy had asked me to his prom. I was so excited, and so nervous. We began to spend more time together, and before we knew it, prom night had come! Little did we know then, we had just started our own forever. Costa and I spent the next 9 years at each other’s sides. We’ve been through most milestones together – high school, college and graduate school graduations, our first jobs – you name it, we’ve been there. We had built a relationship based on trust, laughs and support from our families and friends and created a beautiful life together, long before he even popped the question!

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how they asked

Costa and I love to travel and do so often. We also love exploring new places, and are huge foodies, so we try to keep a lookout for locations with great restaurants. A friend suggested we travel to Portland, Maine on a short Memorial Day weekend trip. Now after 9 years, you could expect that I was waiting for the proposal at any time. However, I convinced myself it couldn’t happen this weekend so I helped Costa pack his bags and I was positive there was no ring on it’s way from NYC to Maine with us! Boy, did he fool me. We left early on Saturday morning, with Costa GoPro videoing snips of our trip from start to finish. Our Sunday plans included heading out to breakfast, then to explore a cool brewery, followed by a few lighthouse trips and then a highly recommended farm-to-table restaurant we were dying to try to dinner. Costa convinced me that it would be a great idea to get all dressed up and take nice pictures by the lighthouses before dinner with his GoPro and tripod – which wasn’t weird to me at all since he had been videoing the whole trip! Sure enough, at our first lighthouse stop, after Costa and I climbed down to the waterfront and he setup his tripod and GoPro to record, he proposed. I was in such a state of shock, and so happy – what I mainly remember was tears of joy and wanting to hold him in that moment forever! Bystanders cheered from up top during and after his proposal. It was the most magical moment of my life. Then (because no story of ours would ever go as planned) Costa checked the GoPro to see the footage, only to realize he was so nervous that he FORGOT to press record! We laughed for a while, even though he was slightly devastated, and we cried happy tears as he forced me to go on camera one more time to get a few shots of him down on one knee! This definitely made it a moment I can never forget. Lucky enough for us, our amazing bystanders snapped a few lighthouse shots of the real proposal down by the water! We are so lucky.

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