Michelle and Chris

Where to Propose in Salt Lake City, UT

How We Met

Chris and I met in Summer 2018. He had just returned home to Arizona after serving 8 years in the Army and I was weeks away from starting nursing school. Our first date he took me to a Mexican restaurant where we ended up talking and laughing all night. In fact, we were the last two people in the restaurant! We didn’t want the date to end so we went to a coffee shop next store and ended up staying until they closed as well. We both knew we had fallen in love that night. Chris and I have had many adventures together since then, all while being full-time nursing students.

How They Asked

Chris and I planned on going to Utah after the semester ended to visit my family before Christmas. A month prior, he contacted my sister up in Utah who’s a photographer and asked her to help him capture the big moment without revealing the surprise. She texts me the day before asking if we wanted some Winter photos that she could add to her portfolio. I, of course, said Yes because I love her photos and would love nice photos of us. The day of our photo shoot was a beautiful snowy day. My sister and Chris had a code word for when the big moment would happen. So when that moment came, my sister set up our next pose with Chris behind me. I was waiting to take the next pictures when she said, “Turn around.” When I turned around, Chris was down on one knee with the ring and the biggest smile I have ever seen. I completely melted!! I, of course, said Yes!

Michelle's Proposal in Salt Lake City, UT

After fixing my makeup I had cried off, we continued our photoshoot as a happily engaged couple.

Special Thanks

Kellie Haws
 | Photographer