Michelle and Chad

Engagement stories

How We Met: Chad and I met at a-hole in the wall bar called Buddy’s. He was actually my sisters best friend and a spark was just flown that night! As my sister and I were waiting in the whataburger line for our nightly taquitos, Chad had sent my sister a text asking for my number. We hit off from there – meeting on December 23 and ready to be a couple on December 25 we just “felt it was right.”

Our first date was at restaurant followed by a movie – I can’t remember which place we ate at, though! I knew I was in love when I woke up everyday anxiously awaiting his texts and calls and never falling asleep until I heard his voice tell me sweet dreams. It hit me the most when I had gone through some life altering changes. Chad never questioned me. He simply stood by me and told me he will always be there for me.

how they asked:I had been sick for the prior week – the week of Thanksgiving. So on November 27, he told me since I was feeling better he was going to take me out for some ice cream at the Arboretum. As we got to the Arboretum we walked past the ice cream shop through the park where are the lights had been strung through the trees. We walked for what felt like ages, and he had propped me up onto one of the hippos in the park (I hads always wanted my picture with one!).Then we continued walking and when a chance had come when no one was walking by, he popped the question…nervously! Following the proposal, he had arranged for both families to be at the Cheesecake Factory where we had entered in as a newly engaged couple!! We were greeted by both of our families, celebrating with dessert!

Engagement Ring
Engagement story

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