Michelle and Cash

Michelle's Proposal in Weber State University MBA Graduation

How We Met

We met at school while Cash was the Student Body President and I was the President of the sorority. We were friends for a few years before one night he mustered up the courage to ask me out. Initially, I actually said “no” but he kept asking and finally I gave in (so glad I did!) He took me to an MMA fight with his best friend and little brother, it was the most fun night I have ever had and took all of the pressure off of that “first date”. We have been inseparable ever since.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Weber State University MBA Graduation

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Weber State University MBA Graduation

How They Asked

At our MBA graduation, I walked across the stage first and got hooded. As I reached for the diploma from the Dean – he showed me a note inside. The note read “last year we agreed that we didn’t want to think about marriage until graduation. I can’t wait a second longer. Will you… turn around?” As I turned around, Cash, who was getting hooded behind me, was down on one knee. I flung my diploma and ran into his arms. Later, I found out he worked with the Dean of the college and other faculty to plan the entire thing! It was unreal!

Our Video

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