Michelle and Carlos

I had met the love of my life, and then he got deployed… It was difficult to say the least, but we were lucky because he actually had some leave time. He planned a vacation for the two of us to meet in Sydney, Australia during his leave. So, after four months of being apart from one another, we were finally together… The second night of our trip, he had bought us tickets to see the World Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. We got all dressed up, went out to a fancy dinner, then headed over to the Opera House. As we were walking to the Opera House, I kept taking “selfies” of us with the Opera House in the background. He kept insisting we ask someone to take a picture of us, but I kept saying no because I didn’t want to bother anyone. About 10 minutes before the show, we started to head towards our seats, but Carlos made a suggestion that we should take one last picture outside on the balcony of the Opera House since it had the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. I started taking pics of us again, and he again insisted someone else should take the picture… I finally agreed. He asked a wonderful (random) woman to take our picture. As I turned around to walk towards the balcony to take the picture, there he was on one knee, holding a small box with a ring in it asking me to marry him. I of course, through my tears, said yes… Happiest night of my life.

Image 1 of Michelle and Carlos