Michelle and Carlos

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How We Met

We met at work! Carlos had vowed to himself that he would never date a co-worker and stayed strong for about 8 years until we got assigned to the same office at work. I had only been at our job for about a year when we started working together and we hit it off right away! We relied on each other a lot at work and that quickly carried over to the outside of work. :)

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how they asked

Two weeks exactly before he proposed, we had gone to this little-secluded beach in Halfmoon Bay. We both instantly fell in love with it and knew we would be back super soon (he clearly had a hidden agenda)!

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When we went back it was beautiful! One of the few sunny and warm days we had in California this past February, and the sand was so flat just like a postcard. He had brought us a blanket, a bottle of wine from our first winery tour, and a speaker for some music. When we got down to the beach no one was there! After the little hike, I was tired so I decided to lay down for a little and soak up the sun, but he wanted to explore. After a few minutes, he gets me up and suggests a little walk. We start walking and then he stops me and says “I have an early Valentine’s Day present for you” and he pulls out an envelope with two pictures in it. The pictures were of himself at my dads grave “asking for permission to have my hand.” I completely lost it. We’re both in tears and I’m just listening to him pour his whole entire heart out while I stare at this new memory of him and my dad (they never got to me in person).

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Then he tells me there’s more to the surprise. He walked me back over to where we had set up our blanket and he had written “will you marry me babe?” in the sand and he got down on one knee! My emotions went crazy and I said yes more times than I can count!!

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MY PERFECT PROPOSAL and he did it ALL by himself!