Michelle and Cameron

Michelle's Proposal in Oceanside California

How We Met

How we met is kind of a long story. By long story I met him when I was nine and he was ten, and it was not love at first sight. I was more concerned with puppies and dinosaurs than I was about dating, which is good for a nine year old. His dad owned a coffee shop and was trying to figure out how to hook up sound equipment so they could host live entertainment. My dad is an experienced sound guy, so he offered his help. Over the years, our two families remained friends and I saw him from time to time, but I wasn’t really until college that we hit it off. I was a freshman taking care of my general classes and he was a senior finishing up his degree. We had classes in the same building and he would “accidentally” run into me. I knew something was up when he would “accidentally” run into me every day. That is when we really hit it off. I knew I really liked him, but I was planning on moving away and he got a job on the other side of the state, so I really had a hard time dealing with my feelings. Eventually it came down to us acknowledging our feelings and choosing to pursue each other, even if that meant doing a long distance relationship. Since making that decision, he has driven every single weekend from his side of the state to mine – roughly 200 miles one way – to see me. He is the love of my life and everything I have ever wanted. It is cheesy, and cliche, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Michelle and Cameron's Engagement in Oceanside California

how they asked

It all started when my mom invited me on a family vacation. She wanted to go to California to visit our extended family and she invited me and my siblings to come with. I decided that I could use a vacation, so I asked my boyfriend, Cameron, if he wanted to come as well. (In the 3 years we had been together, he’d gone to California with me many times, so it wasn’t unusual for him to join us.) It turned out that he had a really important work thing on Tuesday of that week, but said he could fly out after and stay a few days. Fast-forward to the first morning of our trip, my mom wanted to get family pictures on the beach. I am a photographer and I didn’t think it would be a big deal, so off we went. We planned on meeting up with some other family members, and my parents led the way down the beach. Soon we came across a large patch of rose petals scattered all around. “Look!” I called out, “Someone was just proposed to!” Not one to miss a photo opportunity, I walked to the rose patch and began running some light tests. As I began to frame the image, I heard music playing behind me. It got louder and I turned around to see what was going on. There was my boyfriend, dressed up, and playing his ukulele. That was the moment my brain broke a little. The one side of me was wondering if it was actually later in the week, and the other was saying that it wasn’t possible and I hadn’t driven to the airport. Then at the back of my mind, a thought popped up – “He is proposing to you! Pay attention!” I don’t know why, but that was what came into my head, as he played “Somewhere over the rainbow/What a Wonderful World”. He made up a verse completely about me, and then got down on one knee.

After opening a clam shell with a ring in it, he asked me to marry him. I said yes, and people who had gathered around to watch started to applaud while we went for a kiss. As it turns out, he planned the family vacation and everyone was in on it. I wouldn’t have it any other way – it was perfect

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