Michelle and Brett

Michelle's Proposal in Winnipeg, Manitoba

How We Met

We met when I was 16 years old and he was 17. I was a huge hockey fan so I had an Instagram page dedicated to hockey. Turns out he was a big hockey fan as well and had a hockey page on Instagram as well. One night, I was bored so I decided to do a live stream on Instagram. He joined it and asked me for my Snapchat. A month later, he messaged me and we talked nonstop. I live in Los Angeles and he lives in Winnipeg, so we have been doing long distance for 3 years now. I’m glad we can finally move in together soon and end the distance! It’s crazy how we would have never met if I didn’t start a live stream or if he never joined it, but good thing we met!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Winnipeg, Manitoba

How They Asked

I planned a trip to Canada from Los Angeles, since we are in a long-distance relationship, in order for us to spend Valentine’s Day together. He decided to plan Valentine’s Day photoshoot for the two of us. We went to take our photos at a local park and it was -40 degrees Celsius! We started taking our pictures and after a little bit, he got down on one knee! I was so shocked and so excited. I am so excited to end our long-distance relationship and start our life together!

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