Michelle and Blake

How We Met

We initially met on Instagram, he sent me a message asking if I had recently traveled out of our local airport because I look familiar…definitely thought it was weird but come to find out he worked at the airport so he used that as his pick up line…I guess it worked. Months went by of us texting and talking on the phone but we still had yet to meet in person so one night I decided I was tired of waiting. It was late but I called him and told him to give me his address because I was coming over to meet him. He stayed on the phone with me telling me every turn to make…. and there he was waiting for me. We walked around and talked for hours until the sun came up. I’ll never forget that night, and the connection I felt; I’ve never met someone that talking came so easy with and I truly didn’t want to go home, but we said our goodbyes for that day not really knowing what else would come of it.

how they asked

Every year on our family beach trip we take pictures on the beach on our very last night there so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. His cousin is a photographer so I knew the pictures this year were going to be amazing and I was so excited! We’re walking down toward the water and I see his cousin down there setting up her camera so we walk over there. I turn around for one second and see his dad holding up his phone like he’s recording and when I turn back to Blake he’s down on one knee, smiling from ear to ear and he asks me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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In that moment it’s like we were alone, despite being on a public beach; I was just looking at him trying to hold back my tears as his started to fall. He came up off his knee and hugged me for what felt like forever but neither of us wanted to let go, and instantly I thought back to the night we first met when we were saying goodbye and hugged forever since we didn’t know what the future held for us. Now we can hold on to each other for the rest of our lives, and never have to say goodbye.

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Special Thanks

Paige Coon
 | Photographer