Michelle and Benjamin

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Well! It’s started with Ben asking his boss a month ago if he could have the Friday off before the Easter weekend so that we could have an extra long weekend so that we could drive to my hometown (8 hours from Edmonton) for an extra long get-away to be spent with family and friends! His boss said it was fine, and we were so so excited! Time passed, and the excitement grew as we began getting ready as the weekend approached.

Then, the Monday before the Thursday evening that we were supposed to leave for BC, Ben came up to me and told me that his boss was so sorry, but that he needed Ben to work out of town from Wednesday to Friday after all. I was so so upset. So we changed the plan so that Ben would drive in from working out of town on Friday and get a ride down to Cranbrook with my sister and her boyfriend. But I was still so upset that our weekend plans were being changed! Ben left on Wednesday to work out of town, as per the new plan. Little did I know that Ben wasn’t working out of town, but rather flew to Cranbrook on Wednesday morning to prepare to propose!

Earlier in the week, my best friend asked if I wanted to dress up fancy for a photo shoot on Friday in Cranbrook, just for fun (we have done this in the past so it didn’t seem weird) and so I said yes!

So, on Friday we got all dressed up and then drove way back in the bush down a logging road to this little area with a lake and beautiful trees. It was very beautiful and secluded. We parked the truck and were walking around this beautiful, fall-coloured area, all by ourselves. My friend was taking photos and directing me: “Okay, now go here, yep, okay, pose like this”, “Beautiful, now walk over here and do a pose”.

We kept on walking and stopping and moving along, and she continued to direct me as we went. “Michelle, turn and spin”, “Perfect, that looks great, now walk over there and turn your head towards me” etc.

As we continued, we came up to an area with a little hill that you could not see over unless you were at the top. She told me to walk up the little hill and do a pose, and as I got to the top of the hill and looked over and down to the bottom of it, there was a little clearing surrounded by trees which had hundreds of twinkly lights strung up in them. Hundreds of rose petals (he didn’t know that you could buy fake petals in a bag, so he bought 50 roses and spread the petals out) lay spread out all over the ground.

I was so naive, as I absolutely should have known what was happening at this point, but I still thought that Ben was working out of town in Alberta, so the idea that this could be it hadn’t event crossed my mind! I looked at the beautiful, picturesque scene, and was clueless. “Why are all of these things here?” I had asked my friend. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow, astonished, I am sure, that I hadn’t put two and two together. “I don’t know.. why don’t you go stand in the middle of the petals and I will take a picture?” I did as she had suggested, and walked into the middle of this beautiful scene. As I was standing amongst the petals, staring at the hundreds of twinkling lights, I heard footsteps come up behind me. I turned to see Ben standing behind me. As I saw him, I started to cry, as everything started to settle in and I began to put the pieces together.

He brushed the tears that had begun to slowly crawl down my cheek, and handed me a beautiful red rose. He then lifted up his hands, and began to read me a letter that he had written. As my dad passed away when I was ten, Ben never got the privilege of meeting him. Big milestones are so incredibly exciting, but also magnificently difficult. Ben knows this. As Ben began to read the letter that he had written, I listened and began to cry as the words reached my heart. The letter was not written to me, but to my dad. Filled with every word, every promise, every thought, every wish that Ben had always wanted to say to my dad and was never able to. About me, about us, about our future together. He began to cry as he read it out loud, as every piece of it was written from his heart, to mine. When he finished reading the letter, he got down on one knee, grabbed my hand and held it enveloped within his. He poured out his heart and shared with me his dreams for us and his love for me- and then he asked me to marry me.

It was absolute fairytale.

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Special Thanks

Jayla Toorenburgh
 | Photography