Michelle and Beh Shun

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

How We Met

Believe it or not, he was my BFF’s cousin.

I’ve known him for close to 10 years but only started to develop a feeling for each other 5 years ago. It all started when one day my BFF decided to bring him out along with our other friends. We were friends back then & I have not much acknowledged of him as he was a quiet guy. So of course, we hang out together….with our friends as our friends are mutual.

The more we hang out with each other, the more we like each other presence. Sooner or later, we realised that not a day goes by that we don’t miss each other. But it still didn’t give him the courage to ask me out, till one day when one of our friends decided you know to give him a push & that’s when he pops that question, “Be my girl. Can?”

How They Asked

Our initial plan was to witness the sunrise of the Golden Gate Bridge at Battery Spencer. While on the way up to Battery Spencer, it was so foggy that we couldn’t even see the road clearly. Somehow, we managed to reach Battery Spencer right before sunrise. When we reach the top of Battery Spencer, we couldn’t get a glimpse of Golden Gate Bridge at all as it was so foggy.

(I mean look at how foggy it was)

Michelle's Proposal in Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

At that time, it was 5:30 AM, so he suggested that why not we camp inside the car till we’re able to see the Red Bridge. But as to no avail, it was 7 AM already, & there is still no sight of the bridge. That’s when he suggested, why not we head to Sausalito to wait for the fog to clear.

Had a lovely breakfast by the shore with the love of my life & was wondering to myself, how lucky I am to have a man who will treat me like a princess. After breakfast, we strolled by the pier & enjoy the cold sea breeze. Drove around Sausalito, talking about our future of retiring in one of the houses in Sausalito. Out of sudden, he pointed to the skies & said, ah finally the fog is cleared. Yup, to your expectation, he was already driving straight up to Battery Spencer. At the back of my mind, I’m like why are you rushing there & ruin all our plan as our initial plan was to visit Cypress Tree Tunnel right after the sunrise at Battery Spencer. But as usual, I suspect nothing at all.

Time checked; it was 12 PM already. Before I could say anything, we have reached the bottom of Battery Spencer. While hiking to the top of Battery Spencer, we were enjoying the view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Until he said to me, “Come, there’s a great spot where you could view the whole of Golden Gate Bridge.” As usual, I’m like how the heck does he even know there’s a good spot, but somehow I just brush it away & follow him. When we reach to the ‘great spot’, he lifted up the barrier & ask me to cross over it. The chicken in me was like hell no & as usual, he assures me that it would be fine & not to worry anything.

Once I step across the barrier, I was so excited that I turn to him & asked him to take a boomerang for me (ya know, you gotta do it for the gram). So I passed him my phone & turn to face the Golden Gate Bridge, that’s when he goes, “Baby..” & I turn to him, there he was, down on one knee to prepare to pop the question & the rest was history.

I love you for now & forever.

Special Thanks

Ceavs Chua