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How We Met

Anthony and I have been dating for 5+ years. We have talked about a future together many times. We knew that we were the ones for each other, but time I guess you can say wasn’t of the essence. I had honestly never taken it that seriously being that we just jump started our careers (I am a teacher, he’s in accounting) and we are both taking on graduate school for our Master’s degrees. Talk about being busy!

how they asked

Every year since we have been dating, Anthony and I take vacations with our families. It is time we cherish together and with our loved ones whom have grown to accept him and I as their own. This year we were schedule to vacation in the Outer Banks, NC with 26 other family members of mine! It is a trip we have been doing for years and Anthony has since become a part of. I was excited for all the events planned as well as R&R we traditionally engage in. Little did I know this would now become the vacation of a lifetime. On Monday July 18th, Anthony and I headed to the beach. On this same day, we had family portraits planned that my mother had been planning for months. He consistently kept asking me to come back later for a walk.

I consistently kept denying as it was 110 degrees and I didn’t want to mess up my hair or make-up on a silly little walk before pictures. Anthony doesn’t even like the beach, so I figured I could easily work my way out of his bizarre idea. While I was getting ready, Anthony secretly met a videographer at the local food store to stage his proposal to me. He was SO nervous I would find the mic attached to him as well as figure out what was going on. Anthony finally convinced me to go for that life-changing walk in the still 100 degree heat. It was there on the Whale head Beach in the Outer Banks he surprised me with a message in a bottle and the ring.

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The rest is history! We stayed on the beach for sometime to enjoy the moment, take in some “congratulations” from bystanders and most importantly create the rest of our video with our AMAZING videographers Benny and Chris from Reel Love Weddings.

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This is a day that I will forever remember. The months long efforts by Anthony, buying me a ring for HIS birthday, and getting engaged in one of our favorite places was truly the best day of our lives.

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We are currently planning our wedding for 8.18.18 at the Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ and look forward to taking the next steps together!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Benny Baldwin
 | Reel Love Weddings