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Last year on July 1, 2017, my friend May wanted to take me Downtown Chicago to have a girls night out. “Dress up! We have super cute for the night in the city!”, she claimed. I took forever getting ready because girls never really know what to wear or what shoes match best with the outfit. I can tell she was rushing me so I finally decided on an outfit and we called an Uber to pick us up. I was getting annoyed at her for being on her phone basically the whole car ride. It was fine though because I knew I would have her full attention once we got to the first lounge on Michigan Ave. We were on a rooftop lounge where you could look down at the famous Bean and since it was July, fireworks were starting to go off. That was her cue to suggest we go by the fountain to watch the fireworks even closer. I agreed and we took off to the Buckingham Fountain.

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There were so many people that I didn’t want to walk around the crowds anymore just to find a good spot to watch the firework. She took my hand and claimed she knew the best spot to go. I followed her not really paying much attention to where I was going because my eyes were fixated on the bright illuminations in the sky. She made a comment but I couldn’t hear her over the noise and as she started to walk away from me I had noticed 4 small table lit up with faux candles and canvases of picures with me and my boyfriend.

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I walked along looking at them until I met him standing, sweating and shaking due to nervousness. I knew it! This was it! This was when he was going to pop the question! He hugged me and told me how much he loved me. Knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was perfect! I say flashing lights in my peripheral so I turned my head to check it out. I saw all of my friends snapping pics of us and cheering. Not only did I have an amazing spot to get asked at but he also was able to gather my friends and have them there to share the moment with me. It was truly special. I couldn’t be happier.

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