Michelle and Anson

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York City

How We Met

Anson and I met ten years ago through mutual friends. We stayed friends over the years and started dating 3 years ago. I still can’t believe I get to Marry Him!

How They Asked

Anson had planned a special trip to New York City in January as it is one of my favorite places to visit and he had never been there before. The Friday we arrived there he had made a reservation for dinner at the Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller Centre. Anson told me he wanted to get there early as there is a garden and some stores in front that he wanted to see. Little did I know he had booked a photographer ahead of time to capture the entire thing. The photographer told Anson he would be standing in the middle of the Channel Gardens in front of Rockefeller Centre and he would point his camera in the direction of where he wanted us to stand.

Where to Propose in New York City

We arrived at the gardens and after wandering around for a few minutes Anson shuffled me into place and told me he had something to ask me! He got down on one knee and proposed! It still feels like a dream to be proposed to and engaged to my best friend in one of the most magical cities in the world!

Special Thanks

Corey J
 | Photographer