Michelle and Andrew

Image 1 of Michelle and Andrew

Andrew had told me that we were going to a big work dinner with his boss and possibly getting a promotion. He asked me to go shopping with him, about a week prior, for a new shirt so he would look great at his work dinner. The day arrived and he had taken off work but I had no idea. He acted as if he was going into work but was really getting ready for the night. He came home from “work” early around 3 o’clock. When Andrew came home he said that his best friend Matt, from Boston called and asked if we would pick up concert tickets for his uncle at The Fillmore concert hall, in Philadelphia. We left a few minutes early to pick up tickets for his friend. In the car we called Matt and Andrew was joking around with him that he owes us for doing this favor for him. Andrew then said were on our way to The Fillmore and then Matt corrected him and said it is at The Tower Theater not The Fillmore.

Andrew then said no problem and we drove to The Tower Theater. He pulled up in the back of the theater and parked and then asked me to go with him to get the tickets. My first thought was why didn’t he just pull up to the side and run in but I did not say a word. The he proceeded to tell me not to bring my pocketbook. As we were walking he started to talk about our first date at The Tower theater at the Tame Impala concert. We walked up to the box office and Andrew said oh no, the box office is closed. I was thinking this is so weird since this is why we were there.

Then he backed up and looked up so I did the same and I noticed on the marquee of the venue said “Michelle, Wil you marry me?” I nearly fainted. I was in such shock and had zero idea. He then got down on one knee and popped the question. There was also a photographer photographing everything from a distance and I had no idea. He then told me we were going to head down the shore to Margate to go to dinner with our parents at Greenhouse. As we were pulling up to the Greenhouse he said I actually invited a few more people and as we turned the corner I saw over 100 of our friend and families waiting for us, screaming and holding balloons.

I was in total shock. I still cannot believe that with all those people who knew that the surprise did not come out. Many of our friends flew in for the weekend from Chicago, Boston, Chicago, etc. Andrew had rented a house for everyone in Longport, NJ so the celebrations continued the entire weekend. Beyond the best moment and weekend of my life. I could not have imagined such an incredible proposal. The ring is stunning and he even knew how upset I was because my Bubby (grandmother) passed away in December so she missed the engagement. He actually put her birthstone on the bottom of the ring so she would always be remembered and part of this special moment forever!