Michelle and Andrew

Proposal Ideas At his families house

How We Met

It started 3years ago while working on the ambulance in Bridgeport.. I was a brand new paramedic on my very first shift solo, and he was my first EMT partner ever. He was equally as terrified as I about working with brand new paramedic. And ever since that day we quickly became the best of friends. We shared our deepest darkest secrets and helped each other through our roughest relationships. Finally when we both were single at the same time we finally realized we were meant to be, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. We’ve laughed, we’ve loved, we’ve cried and we have saved countless lives together. We have an unbreakable bond like no other.

how they asked

This year on Thanksgiving while giving thanks, he asked me to be his wife in front of both of our families and I spent the rest of the day in tears. Not only have we saved lives together, but together we’ve saved our own lives.