Michelle and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met when we were only 12 and 13 years old at church. Andrew had recently moved to the high desert and started to attend the same church my family and I attended. At the time, I went to a private school and Andrew went to a public school, so the only time we would see each other was on Sundays. I had the biggest crush on him and everyone knew it, (including him although he will never admit to that). Every week I would talk to my middle school friends about how I couldn’t wait to see him on Sundays just so I could say hi to him and receive a hug. Its funny now that I think of it, but hey I was only 12/13!. Andrew and I went to the same high school my freshman year and his sophomore year, still only saying hi when we saw each other in passing. The following year, Andrew moved and started attending a different school. At this time, Andrew and I were more of acquaintances than friends. We would text each other every now and then just to see how each other was doing, and come to find out both of us would even throw out hints to see if the other was interested, but one of us was always in a relationship. A few years out of high school, I had surgery on my foot and had to have a cast on for about 4 months. His older brother and sister-in-law were teaching a youth group at the church that him and I had met at, and asked if I would like to be on the team to help teach the youth group, since I wasn’t working at the time. Little did I know that Andrew was also on the team. Before I knew it, Andrew and I had become great friends and of course eventually started dating.

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how they asked

Fast forward to 4 and a half years later. It was graduation day at school for me and I wasn’t all to excited about it because the college I went to didn’t usually make a big deal about graduation. The whole week following up to that day, Andrew kept asking me how excited I was or if I was excited to be graduating. He kept telling me I had to dress really nice because it was a special day and graduation is really important.

Two days before the big day, our photographer friend, JC called me and told me that Andrew had set up a surprise graduation photoshoot for me. He asked if we could shoot the day of and I explained to him that it might be a little hard that day because I was graduating and was supposed to go to dinner with my family afterwards(not knowing that he was in on it).So JC, his second shooter Andrea, and I had set up to meet right before we were supposed to go to dinner. Andrew and I arrived at the park and the way the park is set up, they have two different parking lots, one at the top of the trail and one at the bottom. Andrew asked JC how it was gonna go and JC had told Andrew that we were going to end at the bottom of the trail. Andrew then told us that he was going to move the car to the bottom parking lot and would walk up to the top to meet us.

As soon JC and Andrea had started shooting, I had totally forgot that Andrew was going to meet with us. As we walked down the trail, JC had asked me to walk and stop multiple times. Then the last time he had told me to start walking, I saw a picture of Andrew and I in a vintage frame hanging from the tree. As soon as I saw the picture I knew what was going and immediately started crying.

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Then I saw another picture of us, and then another one. After the last picture, I looked at the bottom of the trail and saw curtains draping from the trees with candles and things surrounding it all while music was being played.

As I continued walking down, I looked to the right and all of our family and friends were there. Andrew met me in the middle and went on to tell me how I am his best friend and there were so many times he wanted to tell me but knew he couldn’t. Never did I think that the boy I had a huge crush on would become the man who was kneeling before me asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, but I’m so glad it was.

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