Michelle and Alan

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How We Met

They say the third time’s a charm! The first time we met through friends at Alan’s birthday. The second time we met again, through friends, almost a year later at my birthday. The third time we met again through friends at Alan’s housewarming party, and that’s when we hit it off. We started flirting throughout the whole summer and Alan always said he wanted his first to be his last…so two years after being his first and only girlfriend, he got down on one knee and proposed!

how they asked

It was the perfect day–a clear sky, calm Lake Michigan, and a stunning Chicago skyline in the background. I told Michelle to be ready to head downtown before sunrise. She was under the impression that we were just “going to be tourists” in our own city. We had a busy day since we had to be at the airport later to fly out to Dominican for a winter getaway. We get to the Adler Planetarium as our first stop. I start showing her how much I think I know about stars and planets. I couldn’t focus on anything when the woman in front of me was about to become my “forever star.” While walking around the museum I had to make sure we wouldn’t get caught by the paparazzi I hired to record our greatest memory together. By late morning we had a show to watch. I told Michelle that I was looking forward to the newest space show they were airing in the largest IMAX in Chicago. After about 30 minutes, the host tells everyone that the show is over and I’m sitting in my chair thinking “Oh man, the show is just about to begin.” I tell Michelle lets go downstairs to take some selfies before we leave. As we head down, the lights start to dim and John Legend turns on in the background…she still has no clue. We make it to the bottom and to her surprise a slide show of our pictures start popping up on the big screen. At this point, Michelle starts to cry. I tell her how much I love her and how I want to spend the rest of my life with her. The last picture that comes up reads: “Michelle, I am deeply in love with you. You are the brightest star in my world. Make me the happiest person in the universe…Will you marry me?” I go down on one knee. She says yes and we’re both living on cloud nine. Neither of us could focus the rest of the day. I tell her not to call her parents—we’ll facetime them from the restaurant I had planned for brunch. We get there and surprise #2—our family is there! It was the happiest day of our lives and it only gets better as we start planning our happily ever after!

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