Michelle and Adam

Image 1 of Michelle and Adam

how they asked: Adam told me that we were going to a canvas and cork class which I had always wanted to try. He told me a new one was opening in Seattle and they were asking students to dress up so that they could take promotional pictures for their website and printed brochures they were making. He even treated me to getting my hair, nails and makeup done! When we arrived the class went as planned and when I got to see his painting at the end, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be…I was completely surprised by a painting that said “Will you Marry Me?”

Image 2 of Michelle and Adam

Little did I know, that he had planned the entire night for months! He had a photographer, a fake class, a string quartet and the surprises just kept coming! It was the most wonderful moment and I feel so lucky to have him from now until forever. The video details just how much trouble he went to, just to make the moment truly something I will never forget.


Photos by: Jane Speelers