Michell and Sebastian

Michell and Sebastian's Engagement in Salt flats, Uyuni, Bolivia

How We Met

Sebastian and me have been together since high school. One and a half year ago I moved to Miami from Ecuador to do my medical residency and he continues to live in Ecuador. We try to see each other as much as possible, and this year plan was to travel to Bolivia.

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I went back to Ecuador and our adventure started there, we travel together to La Paz, then Tiwanacu, Oruro and on our 6th day of traveling we arrived to the Salt Flats, definitely one of the most amazing places I had ever been. I’ve always had thought about myself as a little adventurous and with a hippie soul, in the other hand Sebastian likes to organize things and always tries to find the best things for us to do. So it did not surprise me when he planned for one of our free mornings to have a photo session in the salt flats. I had a massage in the morning, and then tried to fix my oily hair for the photo session. I thought it was a nice place for him to propose and I gave him a quick look to see if I can distinguish anything in his pockets but they were totally empty. I prepared myself not to get mad if it did not happen and we started our way to the salt flats for the photo session.

We arrive to a point were a tent was placed, and there was flowers. I found it a little odd but I saw a bus and then I thought that maybe it was just a spot where people would go for the photos. We started walking in the salt flat and the photographer would ask to do somethings. There was a moment where the photographer said he will just take pictures of me. And there I was trying to look good for the camera, after a couple of pictures he asked me to look back for Sebastian and he was in his knee with a little box, and crying. He told me what he was planned to tell me in that moment a little later, when we were going back to the hotel. So I guess I answered before he even said the question! The days in Uyuni were amazing! and after that we continued our trip to Sucre and final to our home Quito. Now we are enjoying our new journey of planning our wedding and our lives together!

Michell's Proposal in Salt flats, Uyuni, Bolivia

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