Michele and Will

how we met

Will and I met in San Antonio, Texas. He was in his last year of law school and I was teaching. We went to a happy hour put on by mutual friends. After that day we started casually dating, and were quickly inseparable after that!

how they asked

Although I knew the proposal was coming soon, I had no idea it was going to happen when it did. We had spent the weekend at Will’s grandparents and then headed to my families lake house to attend an event with my parents at our favorite local winery, Spicewood Vineyards. Wills parents said they couldn’t join, because they had to get home (making me believe further that the proposal wasn’t happening). Once we got to the winery everything seemed normal, we were tasting wine and enjoying time together. At one point my mom and Will asked me to go outside with them to cool off, which doesn’t make sense during a Texas summer. Still I followed them, once outside I saw his parents walking up with their family dog who had some type of bag on his back. Will bent down to get something out of the bag, and at that moment I knew what was happening. Will got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife, and behind many many tears, I said YES! It was a beautiful moment surrounded by our families, and I will cherish it forever.


Special Thanks

Straughan Photography