Michele and Jeff

How We Met

Michele and Jeff met at Montclair State University…at a college bar named shots to be exact! Jeff and Michele knew each other through mutual friends but hadn’t met until senior year. There are even old photos that friends took with Michele, and Jeff is in the background! So crazy that you don’t meet the right person until the right time. Sometimes, that’s at a college bar named shots.

how they asked

He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner on a Thursday night to our favorite place, The Liberty House in Jersey City, New Jersey. It’s so beautiful, you can see the entire New York skyline.

After we had our dinner on our way out, he asked if I wanted to check out the room next to the restaurant (it’s also a banquet hall) that I ironically had mentioned I would love to have my bridal shower in one day. I thought absolutely nothing of it and walked in to see candles outlining a rose petal heart that has a message inside (also written in rose petals) saying “will you marry me” along with a table set for two, complete with dessert and champagne! I was so shocked I almost passed out, but of course said yes. I wish I could relive that moment over and over.

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