Michele and Brandon

how we met

We were at a staff/faculty gathering and we were sitting around the bonfire when Brandon asked me on a date. I actually said no to the date and then two weeks later he asked me again. We went on the date and the rest is history!

how they asked

I (Brandon) had intitally planned the proposal for Easter weekend to be done in front of the ENTIRE Boykin family. However, had to make some adjustments due to the pandemic. I had purchased the ring a few months earlier so I knew I was ready to ask, but the question become how am I going to ask her dad, especially when they are 12.5 hours away. We managed to plan an quick trip down to South Carolina to spend some time with her family where I finally was able to ask her father and mother if I could marry Michele. With our Leigh, our photographer’s, help I was able to find a location that looked great and would make for a special moment. Michele claims however that she had put the pieces together after observing how her mother wanted her to get her hair and nails done on that day, as well as her father asking for time alone with me the night before.

Special Thanks

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Laurel Hill County Park
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