Michele and Anthony

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How We Met

Anthony’s sister, Catrina, and I were friends all through high school. Anthony began driving us home from school senior year (2009) and he wouldn’t say much. He eventually opened up and would crack a joke here and there. Catrina and I went out to dinner for our friend Stephany’s birthday to the restaurant where Anthony worked. Anthony asked me to dance and played a joke to get my number. Months later we eventually began hanging out and before you knew it we were inseparable. After a few months of dating, our families got to talking and come to find out we have a lot of family history. Our dads grew up in the same neighborhood, our grandparents were best friends and even attended family parties together. It was fate for us to be together.

how they asked

With all the family history having our families together was always such an easy thing, our parents get along well and our sisters talk with each other regularly. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon we had a regular summer BBQ with our parents and sisters. My nephew came out to the backyard wearing a shirt that said on the front “Zia,” and on the back “can I be your ring bearer?” And I thought to myself “well jeez, a little premature because I’m not engaged!” I looked at my sister and looked at the shirt and back at my sister. She told me to turn around and there was Anthony on one knee. I cried and cried and our moms hugged and our dads cheered.

Proposal Ideas Long Island, NY

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