Miche and Rodwell

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How We Met

We meet during my first year at University, I met Rodwell through a mutual friend on a night out about 7 years ago. After we met we became really good friends and we started spending most of our weekends together and before we knew we fell in love and we’ve been inseparable ever since

how they asked

For my 25th Birthday on the 26 of August 2015 Rodwell bought me tickets to Madame Zingara as a one of my gifts. I’d been nagging him for a few months to go as I’d never been before and really wanted to see the show before they left Cape Town. Madame Zingara is known as the theater of dreams, the tickets we had were for the 25th of September as it was the only next available date as the show is so popular in Cape Town. A few weeks before we went to the show Rodwell mentioned that he had arranged with a few of our closest friends to go to the show with us. On the 25th of September I was so excited as the day that we were going to Madame Zingara had finally arrived! From the minute we stepped into the venue it felt magical , we roamed the venue before we eventually sat at our table before the start of the show. After we ate our starters one of the staff members of Madame Zingara came to our table and asked me if I would be interested in going on stage. He said they would put me in a cage and make me fly. I thought this was all just part of the show. I Of cause said YES being such a big fan of the show. He handed me a ticket which had 1 written on it. I thought that meant I was the first one from the crowd who would go up on stage. He then told me someone would come and collect me once it was my time to go up. Just after we finished with our mains the guys came back to the table and said they were ready for me. Before we left the table he asked my all my friends who would like to come and take photos of me on stage. Rodwell said he would and he stood up and walked down the stairs with us. I approached the stage and started feeling a bit nervous as the entire crowd at Madame Zingara was about to watch me go up in this cage. I took a deep breath and got into the cage the cage went all the way up and started spinning around, as I was spinning in the air I was trying to find my table to wave at all my friends. After a few spins the cage came down and before it reached the floor I saw Rodwell standing there with a ring in a box. I was completely shocked and surprise, Rodwell opened the cage and told me to get out and he was on one knee and said Miche, will you marry me? It was a complete surprise to me and it was the most magical night of my life. I could not have dreamed of a more romantic and special proposal!Image 2 of Miche and Rodwell

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